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Our style

A unique style, for a unique experience!

Surf Guides - Our style - Unique Surf Adventures!

Our aims:

To teach, guide and share our passion

Raph has taught thousands of people during his past years as a surf instructor in Hossegor and has developed a passion for the psychology and adaptive teaching methods that work best in the ocean. By explaining how the surf spots work, being in the water with you, and filming for analysis, your guide will help you to create a strong base, improve your surfing, and have the ultimate surfing experience during and after your lessons.

To find the best for you 

Knowing when and where to surf and how to find your own waves is the hardest part of our sport! Raph will use his local knowledge to find the best for you and your level. It’s a bit like cheating, which we love! But he will also take time to teach you how to do this for yourself so that you are able to practice your surfing outside of the lesson.

To have fun and progress quickly

All year round, less students per instructor means more personalised lessons, more focus on you, and more progression! That’s why our private lessons are tailored for you alone or you and up to 2 friends/family and our group lessons have a maximum capacity of 5 students. We’re flexible! Take one lesson or book a course of up to 10, any time of the year from sunset to sunrise. We also have annual clubs/courses which are great if you want to progress with a group of local, like-minded surfers. At surf guides we welcome all levels, from beginner to advanced.

To discover new places on a surf adventure

Maybe you’ve already surfed in hossegor a thousand times and you want to try somewhere new? Maybe you can confidently surf on your home beach but you need some guidance in this new area? Or maybe you just fancy a day trip! At surf guides we offer full and half day guided trips in les landes and the basque country. Hop in our mini bus and off you go!

Surf Guides - Our style - Unique Surf Adventures!
Surf Guides - Our style - Unique Surf Adventures!
To get off the beaten track safely

The ocean is unpredictable and a strong force of nature. We want you to learn a lot, have fun, and discover new places in a safe environment. That’s why Raph is safety trained throughout the year and will be there with you every step of the way in and out of the water.

Getting up early, watching the ocean, and knowing when each sandbank works due to tide, wind, and swell direction is his daily routine! Sessions will always be adapted to your level and the conditions of the day. We also have our own private mini bus which is a great way to change locations if needed.